Government of New Brunswick

You can now request a test for COVID-19 online

If you have one or more symptoms you are able to be tested for COVID-19.

Individuals travelling or returning to New Brunswick for work purposes

Unless exempt, New Brunswick residents returning to New Brunswick from work in a province or territory outside Atlantic Canada must undergo a modified self-isolation for 14 days. As outlined in the mandatory order, modified self-isolation means a 14-day period during which a person is able to leave isolation to access essential goods and services, including necessities of life and supporting services, health care, goods and services required for work, banking and financial services, transportation, animal care, and funeral or visitation services for members of their immediate family. To request a test, please complete the online COVID-19 Test Request NB Form and select "New Brunswick Resident Working Outside the Atlantic Bubble" in the "Are you a member of one of the following groups:" section.

If you are concerned about a potential exposure to the virus, please note that it can take up to five (5) days before you would test positive after being exposed to COVID-19.

Timing is something to be considered when completing the self-assessment and submitting a request to be tested, please ensure that you self-monitor for symptoms. 

If you were a close contact of a confirmed positive case, Public Health will contact you with directions on when to be tested.